Warranty Claim

Punair’s welders are designed and tested for professional industrial environments. As a guarantee of high quality level, we offer our customers one year warranty on the basis of general standard and can extend it to meet customers’ expectation in terms of specified requirement from respective clients.

When you purchase welding equipments from us or our representatives, the equipments will be named with a serial number and recorded into our database by our workers. It can be found from the back plate of the welder or on the barcode of package. The unique serial number will record the production time of each product and the corresponding person in charge as well. And one year warranty period starts from the date of vessel’s sailing. When you have any quality problems during the warranty period, you can go to the corresponding seller and ask for repair and relevant service.

The Warranty does NOT cover the following products: welding torches, guns and their consumable parts, remote controls, cables, wire feed unit including feed rolls and guide tubes. Punair provides no other warranties irrespective of the manufacturing or sale of goods that are not from our company and in particular Punair shall have no responsibility or liability irrespective of such goods or service

(a) Repairs done to Punair’s Goods and undertaken by the Purchaser outside Punair's premises without written authority from Punair obtained prior to any such repair;

(b) Any damage or failure of the Goods as a result of normal wear and tear, misapplication, neglect,misuse, abuse,force majeure or failure to properly service goods by any Purchaser.